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Letter from Neil Jamieson to Glassford, Gordon and Co.


Intercepted Letter transmitted to Congress by General Washington, with his Letter dated December 18, 1775.

December 2d, 1775.

SIRS: I refer you to the above letter, which I hope will get safe to your hands. This letter goes under cover with some others, to Mr˙ James Anderson, at Boston, by a man-of-war' s tender. I have sent, by this opportunity, to Mr˙ Anderson, Lord Dunmore' s draft on the Commander-in-chief, at Boston, for five thousand pounds sterling, payable in a bill or tender, at three days sight. Mr˙ Anderson is to present the draft, and to take one bill from the Commander-in-chief, favour of Edward and Rene Payne, Esquires, London, for four thousand five hundred pounds sterling. As the bill will be at three days sight, it would be a pity to lose any time in having it presented and paid. They will advise you of this so soon as they receive it; so you' ll order the disposal of it in such manner as you think proper. The other five hundred pounds sterling is to be laid out in goods for His Majesty, since I' m still of opinion the goods should be ordered out immediately on receipt of the above letter. By the time they receive them they will probably be in great demand, as there must be a number of troops and ships of war here by the time they arrive. But, at any rate, if any thing is to be done, it must be with the greatest despatch possible you can.

Send no strong beer. A few hogsheads porter would do,


if good, and warranted sound. I have wrote Messrs˙ Paynes fully, and shall also write you some hereafter. Be pleased to take notice that there should be a quantity of shoes ordered with the goods. By mine of the 13th August, I advised you leather work of any kind would not do; but, as I find there will be a number of troops here, I think shoes of all kinds will be a good article. As a regiment of Negroes is raising here, coarse shoes, large and good, will be wanted.

I am, for self & Co˙, your obedient humble servant,


Messrs˙ Glassford, Gordon, Monteath & Co˙, Glasgow.