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Stephen Moylan to Colonel Joshua Wentworth



Head-Quarters, November 1, 1775.

SIR: I arrived here last evening, and informed his Excellency of your attention and assistance in negotiating the transportation of the flour from your port to Ipswich and Salem. I have it in command from the General to return you his thanks, and at the same time to enclose you his instructions to the agents appointed for the armed vessels now fitted out, or which hereafter may be fitted out, for the publick service. I doubt not you will pay proper attention to them, and to any further instructions you may hereafter receive from Head-Quarlers. You have also enclosed the lists of provisions necessary to be laid in for one month, for fifty men, which is the complement for the schooner fitted out to cruise on the coast. Those that are gone out to sea have seventy-five men. Your situation is such that, except a cruiser takes a prize, I don' t apprehend you will have many visits from them; therefore, I am of opinion that a few barrels of beef, and a few of pork, with some bread, will be sufficient for you to lay in at present. Perhaps his Excellency may hereafter think proper to appoint a particular vessel for your port. Then it will be necessary for you to provide the other articles mentioned in the list.

I am, Sir, your most obedient servant,


To Colonel Joshua Wentworth, Agent, Portsmouth.