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Delegates to the Continental Congress


Resolved, That Robert Carter Nicholas, Richard Bland, James Mercer, Edmund Pendleton, Archibald Cary, Charles Carter of Stafford, Benjamin Harrison, Richard Henry Lee, Josias Clapham, George Washington, Patrick Henry, James Holt, and Thomas Newton, Esquires, be a Committee to prepare a plan for the encouragement of Arts and Manufactures in this Colony.

The Convention then proceeded to the election of Delegates by ballot, to represent this Colony in General Congress, to be held at the City of Philadelphia, on the 10th day of May next; when the Honourable Peyton Randolph, Esquire, George Washington, Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, Edmund Pendleton, Benjamin Harrison, and Richard Bland, Esquires, were chosen for that purpose.

Resolved, That Robert Carter Nicholas, Esquire, be desired to lay before the Convention, on Monday next, an account of the Money received from the several Counties and Corporations in this Colony, for the use of the Delegates sent to represent this Colony in General Congress.

Adjourned till Monday, 10 o' clock.