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Petition of Timothy McDaniell



To the honourable the House of Representatives of the State of MASSACHUSETTS-BAY:

The Memorial of TIMOTHY MCDANIEL, of SCARBOROUGH, humbly showeth:

That in the year of our Lord 1755 your memorialist


went on board his Britannick Majesty' s ship Mermaid, Washington Shirley, Esq˙, commander, in the station of a Midshipman; in the year 1756 went to England in her, with his Excellency Governour Shirley; from the Mermaid, went on board the Monmouth, of sixty-four guns, with Captain Shirley, who being soon after superseded, your memorialist was discharged on board the Duke, of ninety guns, Thomas Hanway, Esquire, commander; and from her, on board the Naman, of ninety guns, Peter Denis, Esquire, commander; from her on board the Royal George, Richard Dorril, Esq˙, commander; and from thence on board the Dorsetshire, Peter Denis, Esq˙, commander; from thence on board the Bellow, Peter Denis, Esq˙, commander. In April, 1760, your memorialist passed an examination for a Lieutenant of the Royal Navy, and in September, 1762, was appointed by Peter Denis, Esquire, who was Commodore and Commander-in-Chief of all his Majesty' s ships and vessels of war employed and to be employed in and about Basque-Road, on the coast of France, commander of the Fanny, armed tender, of six guns and forty-five hands, with Lieutenant' s pay of a first rate; and in November to the Duke-of-York, armed cutter, of six carriage guns and fourteen swivels, which he commanded till February, 1763, when, it being peace, was paid off. Since the peace your memorialist has commanded several vessels in the merchant service.

Your memorialist has been in several smart engagements, particularly in that between Sir Edward Hawke and Conflans, and now begs leave to offer himself, if agreeable, to command some vessel in the American Navy. Should you, honourable gentlemen, be pleased to appoint him to such a trust, he hopes he shall be enabled so to act as not to be altogether unworthy your confidence. Your memorialist begs leave further to acquaint you, that ever since the commencement of the unhappy contest between Great Britain and America, his country has been pleased to repose some trust in him, as he has been one of the Corresponding Committee of Scarborough ever since its first institution, and was one of the Representatives of said town in County Congress, and was appointed by the honourable the Provincial Congress, in April, 1775, one of the County Committee for Cumberland, and in February last was appointed first Major in the Third Regiment of Militia in said County. If your Honours will condescend to consider that your memorialist, out of true affectionate zeal for this his dear native country, has (and that with pleasure) relinquished all his title to pay or preferment in the British Navy, it will, he hopes, induce you, when convenient, to comply with his humble memorial; and begs leave to subscribe himself, as in duty bound, honourable gentlemen, your dutiful and obedient servant,


"Watertown, October 10th, 1776.

These are to certify the honourable the principal Officers and Commissioners of his Majesty' s Navy, that Mr˙ Timothy McDaniel served as rated Midshipman on board his Majesty' s ship Duke, under my command, from the 4th day of March, 1757, to the day of the date hereof, during which time he behaved with diligence and sobriety, ever obedient to command.

Given under my hand on board his Majesty' s ship Duke, in Hamoza, July 31, 1757.