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Examination of William Robinson by Lord Dunmore


[No˙ 2.]



William Robinson, a Delegate for Princess Anne County in the Convention of this Colony, held at the Town of Richmond, on the 16th day of July, 1775, being sworn before the Earl of Dunmore, saith that he was in the Convention from the second day of their meeting until they broke up, which was on the 26th of August.

His Lordship informed the said Robinson that he had a paper in his hand which contained several articles and resolves, called the Confederacy of the United Colonies, which his Lordship read to him, and desired to know if such was laid before the Convention.

Answer. I did hear, out of doors, that there were such articles intended to be proposed, but the knowing ones in Convention seemed desirous to keep it secret; that Richard Henry Lee, a member of the Convention, and one of the Delegates from this Colony to the General Congress, did inform the Convention, that if the petition to His Majesty, from the Congress, which was in as humiliating terms as could come from freemen, had not its desired end, that by the middle of January next the Congress had resolved to open the ports of the whole Continent to all foreign nations.

Question. Did, the Convention come to any resolution on this matter, or what seemed to be the sense of the members?

Answer. They did not come to any resolution on this matter, but it was the general sense of the members to agree with the Congress, WILLIAM ROBINSON.

Sworn to before me, the 22d day of October, 1775: