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Oct. 26


October 26, 1776.

Met according to adjournment.

Present: Robert Yates, Chairman, John Ten Broeck, Robert R˙ Livingston, John Taylor, Jacob Cuyler, James Duane.

Colonel Vanden Bergh and Captain Slingerlandt appeared according to request, and with them Lieutenant Luke. Colonel Vanden Bergh produced returns of such persons in his regiment who have not marched up with the Militia of the County; and it appears by other information, that most of them are such as have collected themselves in and about the Hellebergh, for the purpose of opposing by force the measures of Congress.

Agreed upon sending a Letter to Captain John Bradt, at Coxsackie; which was accordingly done. (Front the Letter No˙ 8.)

Colonel Van Schaack being sent for, and asked whether he could spare about fifty of the Continental troops two or three days, to march under the directions of this Committee to the Hellebergh, and he agreeing to it, he was desired to order them under the command of Captain Hicks, to be in readiness as soon as possible.

Captain Baldwin was also called in, and informed this Committee that he had only about fifteen men of his company of Rangers, which he was ordered to hold themselves in readiness for the same purpose.

Colonel Van Ness was ordered to detach eighty men out of his regiment for the same service, and the remaining part of his regiment are to remain in this city to perform the duty of those troops who are ordered out.

Resolved, That Captain Abraham Slingerlandt, of Colonel Vanden Bergh' s regiment of Militia, be ordered to attend the above detachments, as a guide in the route they are to take for the apprehending the disaffected persons.

Resolved, That a set of Instructions be drawn for Major Ford and the party under his command.

Which said Instructions being drawn and agreed to,

Ordered, That the same be copied, and given to the said Major, for his conduct. (See the Instructions, No˙ 9.)