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Letter from William Thompson to Governour Penn



Cumberland County, 22d Jun˙, 1774.

MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOUR: I have, by the bearer, Dr˙ McKenzie, received many letters from the people of Westmoreland County, informing me of one McClure being killed, and one Kincade being wounded, at Ten Mile Creek, the particulars of which the Doctor will acquaint you with. The people have requested I should lay their distresses before your Honour, and in their names pray your assistance in granting such support as may enable them to keep possession of the country, and say that if immediate relief is not sent them, all the country west of the Alleghany Mountains will be evacuated.

As the Doctor takes down a number of petitions, and I have wrote you a few days since concerning the difficulties of the back inhabitants, I shall trouble you no more at this time, and hope their alarming situation, and the expectation they have that I will assist them, as well with your Honour as in the Assembly, will excuse the liberties taken by your Honour' s most obedient humble servant,


To the Honourable John Penn, Esq.