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Proceedings in Regard to James Mardock


Friday, February 10, 1775.

The House being informed that Doctor James Murdock did, this day, send a challenge to one of the Members of this House, which was delivered in the House, and an answer insolently demanded; the House taking the same into consideration,

Resolved unanimously, That the challenging a Member of this House is a contempt and breach of the privileges of this House:

Ordered, therefore, That Mr˙ Speaker do issue his Warrant to the Sergeant-at-Arms, immediately to take the said Doctor James Murdock, and bring him to the Bar of the House for the contempt aforesaid.

The Sergeant-at-Arms attended with Doctor James Murdock at the Bar of the House, who, being there examined, confessed his sending a challenge to a Member of this House; that he knew the gentleman to be a Member of the House, but did not apprehend it an insult to the House, and was extremely sorry for it, and declared his sorrow for writing the said letter, and his ignorance of the consequences, and hoped the favour of the House:

Whereupon, the Sergeant-at-Arms being ordered to withdraw with his prisoner, the House took the matter into consideration, and the Member injured moving that the said Doctor Murdock' s acknowledgments might be accepted by the House; after some debate,

Ordered, That the said Doctor James Murdock do humbly ask pardon of this House, in general, and the Member in particular; that he be thereupon reprimanded by the Speaker, and that he then be discharged on payment of his Fees;

Whereupon the said Doctor Murdock did humbly ask pardon of the House, and the Member in particular; and being reprimanded by the Speaker,

Ordered, That he be discharged on payment of his Fees.