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Bedford County, Virginia Committee



At a meeting of the Committee for the County of Bedford, at the Court-House of the said County, on Tuesday, the 25th of April, 1775,

JOHN TALBOT, Gentleman, Chairman.

The Resolves of the Convention held at the Town of Richmond the 20th of March, 1775, were read:

Resolved unanimously, That this Committee will strictly observe and adhere to the several Resolutions of the said Convention, and will leave no means in their power unessayed to carry the same into effect.

On motion made that this Committee be dissolved,

Resolved unanimously, That this Committee do consider their delegation as now at an end, and that it be recommended to the Freeholders of this County to meet at the Court-House, on Tuesday, the 23d of next month, for the purpose of electing Delegates to represent them in Colony Convention for one year, and to elect another Committee.

At which time the Freeholders accordingly met, and unanimously made choice of John Talbot and Charles Lynch, Esquires, for their Delegates. And the following gentlemen were duly elected for a Committee, (agreeable to the Eleventh Article of the General Congress,) to wit: John Talbot, Charles Lynch, William Meade, Richard Stith, Guy Smith, John F˙ Patrick, James Callaway, Gross Scruggs, David Rice, Edmond Winston, James Steptoe, John Ward, John Callaway, William Callaway, Jun˙, John Quarles, Simon Miller, Haynes Morgan, William Leftwich, William Trigg, and George Stovall.

Then the said Committee immediately proceeded to business, and entered into the following Resolves:

Resolved unanimously, That John Talbot, gentleman, be appointed Chairman of this Committee.

Resolved. That Robert Alexander be appointed Clerk of this Committee.

Resolved, That as Gunpowder is much wanted in this County, and finding, from experience, that every article made use of in the manufacturing (except Sulphur, of which we have not made trial) can be easily procured here, we will give a premium of Ten Pounds, current money, to any person who shall first produce to this Committee twenty-five pounds of good Sulphur, with an authentick certificate that the same was refined from materials in this Colony.