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William Watson to General Washington



Plymouth, November 11, 1775.

SIR: Immediately on receipt of your Excellency' s orders of the 6th instant, relative to my taking charge of the wine cast on shore at the Cape, I despatched Major Soper, a gentleman employed in the publick service, to Cape Cod, with directions, which the Major will show your Excellency, and which, I hope, will meet your approbation. I believe the business is well done, and that Major Soper has conducted with integrity as well as with great despatch. It gives me pleasure that so much of this cargo is secured for its proper owners, and that the whole was not suffered to be embezzled by the mean curses of that place, which would very soon have been the case, had not your Excellency interposed in the matter.

Major Soper informs me that there are six negroes on their way to Plymouth, which, when delivered to me, I shall take care of, and will forward them to Head-Quarters as soon as possible.

The bearer will deliver your Excellency a packet containing the papers, &c˙, relating to this unfortunate vessel, and will acquaint your Excellency that it was impossible for me to go myself on this business, as I am much engaged


in publick business at home, and could not leave it with any tolerable degree of prudence.

I am your Excellency' s very obedient much obliged humble servant,


His Excellency George Washington, Esquire.