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Letter to the Committee of Richmond County


Saturday, December 2, 1775.

Present: Nathaniel Woodhull, Chairman, and Delegates from the Counties of New-York, Albany, Dutchess, Ulster, Westchester, Suffolk, and King' s.

Ordered, That a Letter be addressed to the Committee of Richmond County, in the words following:

New-York, December 2, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: A quorum of the Deputies from the Counties of New-York, Albany, Dutchess, Ulster, Suffolk, and Westchester, have met every day for a fortnight past, without being able to do any of the publick business, for want of a representation of other of the Counties. Orange County, by a mistake in their election, have been obliged to hold a new election, which has delayed the attendance of their members; but they are daily expected, as are also those of the northern Counties.

I am directed by the members present to request you to cause an election to be held, without delay, for Deputies to represent your County in Provincial Congress, and that as many of them as your people please to direct to form a quorum be sent as soon as possible.

The evil consequences that will attend the not having the Provincial Congress, to determine on the measures necessary to be adopted and carried into execution at this unhappy crisis, are more easily conceived than expressed; and rest assured, gentlemen, that the neighbouring Colonies will not remain inactive spectators, if you show a disposition to depart from the Continental union.

Confusion and disorder, with numberless other evils, you must suppose will attend the want of a Congress, for the government of this Colony, until a reconciliation with the Mother Country can be obtained.

We beg, gentlemen, you will consider this matter with that seriousness which the peace, good order, and liberties of your Country require.

To John Poillon, John Tysen, and Lambert Merrell, of the Committee for Richmond County.