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A Letter from Theodorus Van Wyck


A Letter from Theodorus Van Wyck, one of the Delegates elected to represent the City and County of New-York, excusing his non-attendance, was read, as follows, viz:


"New-York, December 2, 1775.

"SIR: I have the honour to be elected a member of this Congress, but am sorry the publick did not duly consider my infirmity in respect of my hearing, which renders me a very unfit person to discharge that important trust, as I am not able to distinguish or understand any arguments or debate, (unless the speakers are very near me,) which always gives me extreme pain and uneasiness. I humbly beg, therefore, in case of my non-attendance, that the gentlemen of the Congress will not impute it to any unwillingness in me to serve; for I can assure them that I am a friend to the rights and liberties of my Country, and will cheerfully bear my part of the burden, to preserve them inviolate, in any thing that I am capable of, or properly qualified for.

"I have the honour to be, Sir, your and their humble servant, THEODORUS VAN WYCK.

"To Colonel Woodhull, President of the New-York Provincial Congress."