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Application from the Committee for Tryon County


"Committee Chamber, August 12, 1775.


"HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: As we are entirely without regulations for our Committees, and especially how to act against the transactions, either in words or deeds, of the enemies of the Association, and also against the transgressors of our orders either in military or civil matters, and also how the expenses necessary for the purpose of the common cause shall be defrayed, we apply therefore to you, and request for your instructions as soon as possible, that we may be able to proceed, with authority, to the preservation of peace and union in the common cause, as need requires; otherwise disputes and other disturbances might soon exist.

"We remain, with great esteem, and relying on your despatching favour, honourable Gentlemen, your obedient humble servants. By order of the Committee:

"NICHOLAS HERCKHEIMER, Chairman pro tem˙."