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Depositions of Isaac Hammond


November 19, 1775.

The deposition of Smith Lingo, of lawful age, being called upon by the Committee of Worcester County, deposeth and saith: That about three or four weeks ago this deponent was at the house of William Dykes, where he met with Benjamin Shockly, and Shockly asked him if he was not one of the damned Associators. He, this deponent, replied, why, what if I am? Why, said Shockly, they are not worth a damn, or words to that purpose; Shockly taking up a broad axe, at the same time, told this deponent not to say another word, or he would split his brains open, or any that did sign the Association. That this deponent, at sundry times before, had seen the said Shockly very violent in condemning and threatening other people on the same account. SMITH LINGO.