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Resolutions for the Encouragement of the Manufacture of Saltpetre in the Province


The Committee appointed to take into consideration what is necessary for this Congress to do for the encouragement of making Saltpetre, reported. The Report was read and accepted, (excepting that part thereof which relates to Essay-masters, which part was referred for further consideration to the next meeting of the Congress,) and is as followeth, viz:

Resolved, That this Congress do now appoint a Committee to draw up directions in an easy and formidable style, for the manufacturing of Saltpetre, and that the same be printed and sent to every Town and District in the Province, at the publick expense.

2d. That for the encouragement of such as are disposed to set up the manufacture of Saltpetre, this Congress do engage to purchase the whole quantity that shall be manufactured in this Province within twelve months from this date, at the rate of fourteen Pounds per hundred.

3d. That a proper Essay-master be appointed in every County, to receive and pay for the Saltpetre which shall be brought to him with a satisfactory certificate that the same was actually manufactured in this Province.