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Proceedings in relation to Capt. Charles Alexander


Captain ALEXANDER' S Examination at NORFOLK BOROUGH.

Question, Did Mr˙ Marsden know of your purchasing the Linens, &c˙, from Captain Fazakerly?

Answer. I cannot tell positively, but think he did not know of any purchase.

Did Mr˙ Marsden pay the Pork to your order, knowing that it was for part of the purchase of the said Linens?

He did not.

Did Mr˙ Marsden send the Linens, and a parcel of Shoes, with an invoice thereof, accompanied with a letter, to Mr˙ Humphrey Richards, signed Marsden, Maxwell, and Company, or not ?

He did not, but there was a letter directed, to me, written by Mr˙ Marsden' s young man, (John Elm) in their name.

Was the condition respecting the consent of the


Convention for Captain Fazakerly to sell his Goods, expressed in the order, or not?

It was not, but was only agreed to verbally between the Captain and myself.

The said Charles Alexander having had proper notice, and failing to attend; and the Committee taking into their consideration the aforesaid Letter and Examination,

Resolved unanimously, That the said Charles Alexander has infringed the Tenth Article of the Continental Congress, and that he be held up to the publick as inimical to America, agreeable to the Eleventh Article of the Continental Association; and it is recommended to the good people of America to break off all dealings with the said Charles Alexander, his Factors, or Agents.

By order of the Committee: