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Council of North Carolina. Address of Governour Martin



At a Privy Council held at Newbern, the 12th August, 1774, Present: His Excellency the Governour, the Honourable James Hasell, Lewis H˙ De Rossett, John Sampson, William Dry, and Samuel Cornell, Esquires.

His Excellency the Governour addressed the Honourable Members of this Board, as follows:

Gentlemen of his Majesty' s Council:

I have heard, with the greatest concern, and I have read in publick newspapers and handbills, of invitations to the people in the several counties and towns of this Province to meet together to express their sentiments on Acts lately passed by the Parliament of Great Britain, and to appoint Deputies to attend, on their behalf, (with powers obligatory of the future conduct of the inhabitants of this Province) at a meeting that I understand is to be held here on the 25th instant. I also find that meetings of the freeholders and inhabitants have been accordingly already held in some places, at which resolves have been entered into derogatory to the dignity of his Majesty and his Parliament, and tending to excite clamour and discontent among the King' s subjects in this Province. Under these circumstances,


gentlemen, I consider it my indispensable duty to his Majesty and this country to advise with you the measures most proper to be taken to discourage or prevent these assemblies of the people, which are so inconsistent with the peace and good order of this Government; whose professed purposes will appear, at least, highly indecent, and have an evident tendency to draw his Majesty' s displeasure on this Province, already labouring under the most grievous and disgraceful circumstances for want of a just and effectual civil polity.

The Council desired to take time maturely to consider the subject of the above Address till to-morrow morning.

The Governour finding that, during the absence of Mr˙ Howard, the circumstances of things rendered the temporary appointment of a Chief Justice necessary, recommended the Honourable Mr˙ Hasell for such appointment, who was unanimously approved.