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Committee to Consider the State of the Poor of Boston and Charlestown


Friday, December 8, 1775.

Benjamin Lincoln, Esq˙, brought down from the honourable Board a report of a Letter to his Excellency General Washington, relative to calling in the Militia. Read, and concurred.

On a motion, Ordered, That Deacon Nichols, Major Johnson, Captain Parker, Mr˙ Hall, and Colonel Williams, be a Committee to lake into consideration the state of the Poor of Boston and Charlestown, now in the Province, and report what is proper to be done.

The Committee appointed to take into consideration the Petition of Joshua Davis, (who was appointed by this Court an officer in the Army, with the pay and rank of Lieutenant-Colonel,) praying for an allowance of part of his wages, reported. Read, and accepted.

Resolved, That there be paid to Colonel Joshua Davis the sum of thirty-one Pounds four Shillings, it being the pay of a Lieutenant-Colonel in the service of this Colony, from the first day of May up to the first day of August, which pay said Davis was allowed by a Resolve of this Court.

On a motion, Ordered, That a message be sent to the honourable Board, to inform them that the House proposes to come to the choice of Delegates to attend the Continental Congress, on Wednesday next, at three o' clock, P˙ M˙, by joint ballot, if agreeable to the honourable Board.

On a motion, Ordered, That Mr˙ Gerry, Mr˙ Cooper, and Mr˙ Story, be a Committee to take into consideration the conduct of Mr˙ Rand, brother of Dr˙ Rand, a suspected person, and report what is proper to be done.

A Bill, intituled "An Act for making and emitting of Bills of Publick Credit," having had three several readings, passed to be engrossed, by Colonel Dwight, Deacon Nichols, and Colonel Cutt.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Speaker be a Committee to wait on his Excellency General Washington, and be informed whether his Excellency chooses to take into his care the Ordnance Stores received from this Colony, and if it is agreeable to give receipts for the same, as vouchers for a charge to the Continent.

Ordered, That Doctor Fletcher, Colonel Perry, and Colonel Thompson, be a Committee to inquire what number of Cannon belonging to the several towns and of what sizes, are now in the Continental Army under the care of General Washington.

Samuel Holten, Esq˙, brought down from the honourable Board a Resolve of the House on the Petition of William Young, Chairman of the Committee of Correspondence at Worcester, with the following Vote of Council thereon, viz:

In Council, Decembers, 1775: Read, and concurred, with the amendment at A, B and C, viz: At A, dele "this Court," and insert "the major part of the Council; dele from B to C, and insert," of the said town, who have thought proper to recommit to Jail for some late insolent behaviour, one John Holden, formerly a soldier in the Ministerial army." Read and concurred.

Samuel Holten, Esq˙, brought down from the honourable Board the following Resolve of Council, viz:

Resolved, That the (A) Deputy Secretary be, and he hereby is directed forthwith to take copies of all such Vouchers as the Committee appointed by this Court to prepare the Accounts of charges and expenses incurred by this Colony in the defence of American liberty, may think needful to transmit to the honourable Continental Congress: And that he carefully compare such copies with the originals, and attest the same, in order to their being lodged in the Secretary' s Office, which copies, so attested, shall have all the validity and effect the originals (B) might or out to have.

Read, and concurred with the amendment at A and B, viz: At A dele "Deputy", at B insert, "and the Secretary is directed to consult with the said Committee, and be


directed by them with regard to the mode of taking said copies."

Ordered, That Deacon Plympton, Captain Partridge, and Captain Parker, be a Committee to take into consideration, and report to the House the expediency of considering Petitions of the non-Commissioned Officers and Privates, as well as Commissioned Officers, who were wounded in the engagement of the 19th of April, and 17th of June last, and lost their arms and clothes, and what is to be taken as evidence in support of said Petitions.


A Letter from the Committee at Point-Shirley, representing the distressed situation of the Poor of Boston, arising from their effects being plundered by the Ministerial troops on their passage.

Read, and committed to Mr˙ Pitts and Deacon Rawson, with such as the honourable Board may join.

Whereas, John Pigeon, the late Commissary of the Forces raised by this Colony, keeps his books at some distance from the Army, by reason whereof the Officers of the Army are prevented from settling their Rolls as ordered by this Court:

Therefore, Resolved, That the said Pigeon be, and he hereby is directed to furnish the Officers of said forces with such Accounts as said Pigeon is possessed of, necessary to the making up their Rolls at Cambridge, and that he be desired to attend there, to settle said Accounts, as long as his presence there may be necessary.

On a motion, Ordered, That Colonel Williams, Captain Brown, and Captain Adams, be a Committee to hear the Member from Lincoln and the Member from Waltham, relative to carrying Wood to Cambridgeand Winter-Hill, and determine where each of said towns shall carry their Wood.

The House then adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow morning.