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Committee of Portsmouth to New-Hampshire Congress



Portsmouth, June 2, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: On the preservation of the peace and good order of this Town, is the only security that this Committee have, whereby they expect to carry into execution any measures which the Provincial Congress may resolve upon; therefore find ourselves necessitated to desire you would be pleased to regulate all future movements of any bodies of armed men from one Town to another, as many inconveniences and losses to the publick are sustained thereby, especially at this time, when so many idle and false reports are spread, by which the good people of this Province are alarmed, and assemble together for the defence of the grand cause in which we are all embarked. We are fearful our enemies will improve every opportunity to increase these alarms, and make them so familiar to us as to put us off our guard, and then may strike some fatal blow.

We find this Town labours under many difficulties peculiar to seaports, and which our friends in the country are free from. The stagnation of trade, and the return of our shipping, increases the number of our people, who, for want of employment, readily fall into disorders, and when numbers are once collected, it is very difficult to persuade them to disperse, until they exceed the bounds of reason. We have great reason to believe that our invaders are endeavouring to promote alarms to harass the country, and to prevent our agriculture, by calling off and diverting our attention from that great, and, at this time, particularly necessary duty.

Any resolves Congress may pass upon our request, it is desired that copies of the same be sent to every Committee in every Town, besides being published in the publick prints, as it is necessary it should be known in the most publick manner, and as soon as possible. We submit our request to your wisdom, wishing you Divine assistance in your consultations for the publick weal.

I am, gentlemen, your most humble servant.

By order of the Committee:
H˙ WENTWORTH, Chairman.

To the Honourable Congress at Exeter.