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Letter from Samuel Tucker, Chairman of the Committee of Trenton, New-Jersey


A Letter from Samuel Tucker, Chairman of the Committee of Trenton, was read, in the words following, viz:

"Trenton, November 10, 1775.

"SIR: Your letter of the 17th ult˙, concerning several resolutions of the Continental and your Provincial Congress, was delivered to me this afternoon, under a new blank cover, the handwriting of the superscription to me unknown. Our Congress adjourned on the 28th of last month to the first Tuesday in April next, unless sooner convened by the Committee of Safety.

"The Assembly of this Colony meets at Burlington on Wednesday next, at which time I shall have the opportunity of seeing several members of our Committee of Safety, to whom I shall communicate the contents of your letter. At present, the mode of forwarding all intelligence, expresses, &c˙, is by our Town Committees, who, on the first notice, furnish horses and proper persons from one Town to the other, which has answered very well, as far as I have heard, in times past, although I am convinced a further regulation is necessary, and horses and proper persons ought to be in readiness, kept at every stage for the purpose.

"I have only to add that I am, although unknown, your most obedient humble servant, SAMUEL TUCKER.

"P˙ S˙ Direct in future to me at Trenton."