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Letter from the Albany Committee to the New-York Congress



Albany Committee Chamber, August 21, 1775.

SIR: Since our last respecting Alexander White, Sheriff of Tryon County, which he was to accompany to your Congress, process of law was unexpectedly served on him for a just debt, after the despatches were ready and orders given for his being taken on shipboard, which causes his detention here. We did not care to force him out of the Sheriff' s custody, or to make any infraction on, or stop the course of the civil law in this particular, or any other case; but when the safety of the publick is much concerned or absolutely requires it, then, and not till then, we think the necessity of the thing may justify the measure. We wrote to Major-General Schuyler of the embarrassment we were in, and he coincides with us in sentiment to leave him confined here until we are favoured with your determination on this point. We, therefore, only send down Conner, who was to have gone with White, in expectation of your speedy answer.

We are, Gentlemen, your humble servants,

By order of the Committee:

ABRAHAM YATES, Jun˙, Chairman.