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Peace Talk from the Creek Indians sent to Augusta, Georgia


Charlestown, S˙ C˙, June 27th, 1774.

They write from Georgia that the Mortar, a principal Head-man or Chief of the Creek Indians, had sent down three Indians to Augusta with a peace talk, which was delivered at Colonel Barnard' s, requesting that the trade might again be opened. Mr˙ Graham, a trader, was attacked by some of the friends or relations of the Mad Turkey, lately murdered at Augusta, but by the assistance of some Chickasaw Indians which Mr˙ Graham had with him for his protection, they were prevented from doing any mischief. The last Indian trader that arrived from Augusta from the Creek Country says that Emistisiquo, and the other Indians who were lately at Savannah, had delivered their talk at the Coweta Town, and that thereupon the leader of the murdering gang, with one or two more, had left the place, whether through fear, or to do more mischief, is uncertain. Scouts are ordered out from every company of militia in and about Augusta, &c˙, to scour the woods, make discoveries, and give timely notice to the inhabitants to provide for their safety in case of danger.

The last accounts from the Indian country informs us that the Creeks had appointed a general meeting of all the chief men and warriors of their Nation, to be holden on the 24th of last month. They were greatly distressed by the trade with them being stopped; and it is expected that the result of their deliberations at the said meeting, will be to give such satisfaction for the late murders as has been demanded. At the same time, it is confidently asserted, that the Cherokees have engaged to join the Creeks in case of war.