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In Committee of Safety, Daring the Recess of the Provincial Congress, New-York


In Committee of Safety, daring the recess of the Provincial Congress, New-York, January 11, 1776.

SIR: The Committee of Safety by the absence of yourself and another member, and the indisposition of some other members, are generally reduced to a bare quorum.

Many things of importance are necessary, and ought to be taken into consideration immediately.

If any of the members present should be indisposed, the Committee may be without even a quorum, and the publick business entirely suffer. The Committee expected your attendance and assistance long before this day.

In case of your indisposition, or inability to attend, Mr˙ Henry Oothoudt was appointed in your stead.

We pray that you attend, or that you endeavour that Mr˙ Oothoudt attend without delay.

We are, respectfully, sir, your very humble servants.