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Committee of Safety of Ulster County, New-York, to Provincial Congress



New-Paltz, September 9, 1775.

To the respectable Provincial Congress of the Colony of NEW-YORK:

GENTLEMEN: Pursuant to your recommendation of the 31st May last, the Company of Militia of New-Paltz, (then under the command of Captain Noah Eltinge, Esq˙,) per order of Colonel Johannes Hardenbergh, met together in the Town of New-Paltz, on the thirteenth day of June, and did then associate and form themselves into two separate Companies, dividing at the same time that part of the New-Paltz Precinct into two distinct Districts, viz: the Southern and Northern Districts, and the line of partition to run from the west end of the three mile lots on the west bank of Hudson' s River, along the publick high road that leads from said Town to Hudson' s River, until it meets the Paltz River, then along the same up the stream to the line of the southerly side of the New-Paltz, and then along the said line northwesterly, as it runs to the Paltz Point, excepting two households or families out of the Southern District, which are added to the Northern District. Which said two Companies, so formed as aforesaid, did then also, by majority of voices, choose and elect the following gentlemen to be Officers of the respective Companies aforesaid, viz:

For the Southern District: Lewis J˙ Dubois, Captain: John A˙ Harfenbergh, First Lieutenant; Matthew Lefever, Second Lieutenant; Methusalem Dubois, Ensign.


For the Northern District: Jacob Hasbrouck, Jun˙, Captain; Abr' m Doran, Jun˙, First Lieutenant; Petrus Hasbrouck, Second Lieutenant; Samuel Bevier, Ensign.

And whereas the said Officers, by the appointment of Colonel Johannes Hardenbergh, did afterwards meet with the Field-Officers in Kingston, to give in their names, in order that a return of the said proceedings might be made to the respectable Provincial Congress of this Colony, for the purpose of obtaining commissions for the said Officers: And whereas the return of the said Officers to the said Congress, it is presumed, hath not been forwarded or laid before the Congress; wherefore the said Committee, taking this affair in consideration,

Resolved, That for the better commanding and regulating the said Companies, it is highly expedient and necessary that the said Officers should be commissioned, and it is therefore hoped that this respectable Congress will be pleased speedily to issue forth commissions for the respective Officers above named, and chosen in manner as aforesaid.

By order of the Committee: