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Committee appointed to state the Rights of the Colonies


Wednesday, September 7, 1774, nine o' clock, A˙ M.

The Congress met according to adjournment.

Agreeable to the Resolve of yesterday the Meeting was opened with prayers by the Reverend Mr˙ Duche.

Voted, That the Thanks of the Congress be given to Mr˙ Duche, by Mr˙ Cushing and Mr˙ Ward, for performing divine service, and for the excellent prayer which he composed and delivered on the occasion.

The Congress taking into consideration the appointment of the Committees, a vote was taken on the number of which the first Committee should consist, and, by a great majority, agreed that it consist of two from each of the Colonies, as follows:

NEW-HAMSPHIRE, 2, Major John Sullivan and Colonel Folsom.

MASSACHUSETTS BAY, 2, Mr˙ Samuel Adams and Mr˙ John Adams.

RHODE-ISLAND, 2, Mr˙ Hopkins, and Mr˙ Ward.

CONNECTICUT, 2, Colonel Dyer, and Mr Sherman.

NEW-YORK, 2, Mr˙ James Duane, and Mr˙ John Jay.

NEW-JERSEY, 2, Mr˙ Livingston, and Mr˙ De Hart.

PENNSYLVANIA, 2, Mr˙ Joseph Galloway, and Mr˙ Biddle.

THREE COUNTIES, 2, Mr˙ Caesar Rodney, and Mr˙ M' Kean.

MARYLAND, 2, Mr˙ Thomas Johnson, and Mr˙ Goldsborough.

VIRGINIA, 2, Mr˙ Lee, and Mr˙ Pendleton.

SOUTH CAROLINA, 2, Mr˙ Lynch, and Mr˙ J˙ Rutledge.


Agreed, That the second Committee consist of one chosen from each Colony, as follows:

New-Hampshire Mr˙ Sullivan.
Massachusetts Bay Mr˙ Cushing.
Rhode-Island Mr˙ Hopkins.
Connecticut Mr˙ Deane.
New-York Mr˙ Low.
New-Jersey Mr˙ Kinsey.
Pennsylvania Mr˙ Mifflin.
Three Counties Mr˙ Read.
Maryland Mr˙ Chase.
Virginia Mr˙ Henry.
South Carolina Mr˙ Gadsden.

Ordered, That Isaac Lefevre and James Lynch be employed as Doorkeepers and Messengers to this Congress.

Resolved, That the President may adjourn the Congress from day to day when he finds there is no business prepared to be laid before them, and may, when he finds it necessary, call them together before the time to which they may stand adjourned.

Adjourned until to-morrow morning, nine o' clock.