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2 Deserters


New York, August 8, 1776.

Yesterday two deserters came from the fleet, who say that Lord Howe is preparing for an attack; that the field-pieces were put on board a vessel, and it was supposed the forces would land on Long Island, while the ships attacked the city.

We hear from Elizabeth Town that on a late alarm there, when an immediate attack of the regulars was expected, and every man capable of bearing arms was summoned to defend it, there were three or four young men, brothers, going out from one house; when an elderly lady, mother or grandmother to the young men, (who, without betraying the least signs of timidity, had, with a resolute calmness, encouraged and assisted them to arm,) when they were ready to go, and just setting out, addressed them thus: "My children, I have a few words to say to you: you are going out, in a just cause, to fight for the rights and liberties of your country; you have my blessing, and prayers that God will protect and assist you; but if you fall, His will be done. Let me beg of you, my children, that if you fall it may be like men, and that your wounds may not be in your backs."