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Letter from Samuel Tucker to Lord Stirling



Trenton, December 16,1775.

MY LORD: Your favour of yesterday is before me, and observe the contents. With it, I received per Camp, two Memorials, one from Yellas Mead, recommended by a considerable number of respectable signers, for the Lieutenant' s commission; the other memorial from George Ross, the third, of Springfield, in the County of Essex, supported by a great number of respectable signers, for the Ensign' s commission in Captain Meeker' s Company, alledging that he has inlisted a considerable number, and ought to have the Ensigns commission; both directed to the Committee of Safety. I, therefore, could not fill up these commissions until directed by the Committee of Safety, which must meet, unless it can be settled without. All the other commissions I have filled up, and now send you by Caleb Camp, Esq˙, as stated at the foot of your fetter. I wish the matters may be settled, as I am of opinion the Committee will pay attention to the matters set forth in the memorials, more especially as they are supported by so many person' s of caution.

An answer will oblige your assured friend, and most obedient, humble servant,