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Meeting of the Council, at Philadelphia



At a Council held at Philadelphia,on Monday, 27th of June, 1774,

Present: The Honourable John Penn, Esquire, Governour, William Logan, James Tilghman, Richard Peters, Andrew Allen, Benjamin Chew, Edward Shippen, Jun˙, Thomas Cadwallader, Esquires.

The Governour laid before the Board several Letters he received by different expresses from Westmoreland, all informing him of sundry murders committed on the frontiers of this Province by the Indians, and representing the great distress and confusion of the inhabitants of that country from the apprehensions of an Indian war; which being read and duly considered, it was the opinion and advice of the Board, that writs be issued for convening the Assembly on the 18th July next, which was done accordingly.

That a letter be wrote by the Governour to Sir William Johnson, acquainting him with the intelligence received of these hostile transactions and troubles, and to request his interposition with the Six Nations to use their influence and endeavours with the Shawanese and Delawares to prevent further hostilities on their part, and to assure them of the sincere intentions of this Government to continue their pacific dispositions towards all our Indian brethren. That a Letter be wrote to Lord Dunmore, on this subject, to complain of Dr˙ Conolly' s oppressive and tyrannical conduct at Pittsburgh, and the dangerous tendency his military operations, &c˙, have to involve the Colonies in a general Indian war. That a letter be wrote to Captain St˙ Clair, advising him of the above measures; that the Governour approves of what has been done by him, and the inhabitants, for preventing the desertion of the people, and requesting him to use his endeavours to encourage the people to stand their ground; and Mr˙ Tilghman, Mr˙ Allen, and Mr˙ Shippen, are appointed a Committee to prepare draughts of the said letter.

It appearing, by the letters received, that the people in Westmorland were in great necessity of ammunition, the Board advised the Govemour to order a further supply immediately to be sent to them.