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In the House of Representatives of the Colony of CONNECTICUT, JUNE 3, 1774.

Whereas a Congress of Commissioners from the several British Colonies in America, is proposed by some of our neighbouring Colonies, and thought necessary; and whereas it may be found expedient that such Congress should be convened before the next session of this Assembly:

Resolved, By this House, that the Committee of Correspondence be, and they are hereby, empowered, on application to them made, or from time to time, as may be found necessary, to appoint a suitable number to attend such Congress, or Convention of Commissioners, or Committees of the several Colonies in British America, and the persons thus to be chosen shall be, and they are hereby directed, in behalf of this Colony, to attend such Congress; to consult and advise on proper measures for advancing the best good of the Colonies, and such conferences, from time to time, to report to this House.

A true extract and copy from the Journal of the House.