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Samuel Tudor to New-York Committee of Arrangement



Poughkeepsie, December 9, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Mr˙ Ivers having declined doing any more for the ships, and your orders being to fit them for sea by spring, would inform you that after the rigging we have


spared, shall fall considerably short to fit the ships out; we shall therefore be under the necessity to get some person to relay what rigging may be wanted, out of the old rigging on board the brig Polly, Captain Redfield; for which purpose would recommend the bearer, Mr˙ Degrushe who, we think, very capable. Mr˙ Ivers being willing to serve the cause, will either sell his tools he has here, or let them on reasonable terms. Captain Anthony Rutgers can give you Mr˙ Degrushe' s character as a rope-maker. As the season is so favourable, we should be glad of your answer by first opportunity, that Mr˙ Degrushe may go to work, if you approve of him.

We expect the stuff for the gun-carriages soon; and as we must have the dimensions of the guns before the carriages can be made, should be glad to know where the guns are, and whether it would not be prudent to send a person to take measure of them.

There will be wanted a number of stores to fit the ships for sea. Would submit it to your honourable House, whether it would not be prudent to appoint Captain Anthony Rutgers to assist in providing them. Agreeable to your desire, we have appointed Mr˙ Stephen Hendricks of this place to take care of the stores. Should be glad you would let us know whether we shall agree with him, as you stipulate his wages, to go to the yard once a day.

I am, with great esteem, gentlemen, your very humble servant,


To the Honourable Pierre Van Cortlandt, Esq˙, President of the Convention of the State of New-York, at Fish-kill