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Accomack County (Virginia) Committee



At a meeting of the Committee held in Accomack County, on Tuesday, the 20th of June, 1775:

JAMES HENRY, Esq˙, Chairman.

Whereas the trade carried on in small vessels in any of the rivers or creeks in this County, or goods imported by any of the merchants or traders here from any port or place in America, may be productive of very evil consequences, if not under proper regulations: For remedy whereof,

Resolved unanimously, That every master or owner of a vessel having any goods on board for sale, or any merchant or trader residing here having imported any goods, wares, or merchandise, from any part of America, shall not sell any goods or merchandise, or part with the same in exchange for any commodity whatever, unless they produce a certificate from the Committee of the County from whence they were brought to this Committee, that the same were imported into America agreeable to the terms of the Association of the General Congress.

Ordered, That this Resolution be published in the Virginia Gazette.