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General Lee to Massachusetts Congress



Head-Quarters, July 10, 1775.

General Lee presents his respects to the President and Gentlemen of the Provincial Congress of Massachusetts, and submits to their perusal a letter which he yesterday received from General Burgoyne, in answer to one which was read and approved of by the Delegates of this Province, and other members of the Continental Congress. He begs leave to request their commands with respect to the proposed interview. If they approve of it, he shall be glad to accept of it; if they disapprove, he shall reject it; but if they approve of it, he must request that they will depute some one gentleman of their body to accompany General Lee, and be witness of the conversation. He desires their answer immediately, as he has engaged to inform Geneval Burgoyne by four o' clock this afternoon, whether the interview is to take place. He shall likewise be much obliged to the gentlemen if they will return the letter; but if they choose to take a copy, he can have no objection.