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Dr. Connolly' s Address to the Magistrates of Westmoreland County


Here follows Doctor Conolly' s Address to the Magistrates of Westmoreland County, referred to in the foregoing letter.


I am come here to be occasion of no disturbances, but to prevent them. As I am countenanced by Government, whatever you may say or conceive, some of the Justices Of this Bench are the cause of this appearance, and not me. I have done this to prevent myself from being illegally taken to Philadelphia. My orders from the Government of Virginia not being explicit, but claiming the country about Pittsburg, I have raised the militia to support the civil authority of that Colony, vested in me. I am come here to free myself of a promise made to Captain Proctor, but have not conceived myself amenable to this Court by any authority from Pennsylvania, upon which account I cannot apprehend that you have any right to remain here as Justices of the Peace, constituting a court under that Province; but in order to prevent confusion, I agree that you may continue to act in that capacity in all such matters as may be submitted to your determination by the acquiescence of the people, until I may have instructions to the contrary from Virginia, or until his Majesty' s pleasure shall be further known on this subject.