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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


Mr˙ James Moore, agreeable to promise, appeared before the Committee, and, (after admitting the veracity of the charges exhibited against him in the depositions of Messrs˙ Nathaniel Britton, Jesse Bussey, and Tunis Titus, taken before this Committee,) voluntarily signed the following Recantation:

"Whereas, I, the subscriber, have unfortunately and inadvertently been guilty of actions tending to depreciate the currency emitted by the Convention of this Province for the express purpose of defending those inestimable privileges transmitted to us by our ancestors, and expressed an aversion to pay any taxes for sinking the said currency, and otherwise discouraged people from mustering, enrolling, and associating, but am now satisfied and convinced that such conduct is highly unbecoming the duty of an American, and tends immediately to obstruct the measures calculated to preserve the liberties of this country from the cruel and unrelenting oppressions of the British Ministry, do most sincerely acknowledge the heinousness of such offence, beg pardon of my countrymen, and do hereby solemnly engage and promise not to be guilty of a like offence in future, but to conform to such measures as shall be adjudged necessary by the Continental Congress, or Conventions of this Province, for the preservation of the rights of


America. As a further atonement for my misconduct, I request this acknowledgment to be published, in hopes it may deter others from committing the like offence. Witness my hand, this 19th February, 1776.


Resolved, That the above is satisfactory.