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Mr˙ HOLT: It gave me pleasure to see a scheme in your last paper, proposed by the Committee of this City, for establishing a Linen and Woollen Manufactory, the utility of which is so obvious, that every friend to his Country in this City, whose abilities will admit, will no doubt cheerfully become adventurers in the scheme; for not only the necessity we will soon be in for woollen and linen cloth, if our unhappy differences between Great Britain and America are not soon amicably settled, but the principles of humanity, ought to induce us to put the scheme immediately into execution, as it will instantly employ some hundreds of the industrious poor, who are at present in want of the necessaries of life: they would then cheerfully eat the bread of industry, and, instead of being a burden to the community, they would be of infinite service to their Country; and while many of our brethren are exposing their lives in support of our civil and religious liberties, they would bo usefully employed in providing them with necessary clothing. No person need be intimidated from engaging in such a scheme; for I aver it, that this Country has many advantages for carrying on the linen manufactories, superior either to Great Britain or Ireland, which can be fully elucidated. I hope that those gentlemen who are appointed to receive subscriptions will not meet with the least difficulty in speedily raising the stipulated sum.