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Letter from P. Silvester


When the report was made by the Committee appointed for the arrangement of officers in the New-York proportion of Continental Troops, to the best of my recollection I saw John Willams' s name thereon as Surgeon of the Albany Regiment. While the report was under consideration, some person was proposed in the room of Mr˙ Williams, which I objected to upon this principle, that Mr˙ Williams was one of that Committee; that it ought to be presumed that the gentlemen who composed that Committee would not offer to nominate any person to such a place of trust and confidence, unless they were satisfied of his skill and abilities from their own knowledge, or the recommendation of others; and as he stood on the list of nominations, and was then absent, it would not be civil treatment to strike him off so hastily. It was then mentioned that he should not stand confirmed as Surgeon without a previous examination; which being reasonable, I consented and approved of it. In this situation that matter remained when the Congress adjourned, as far as I know or believe, and I know of no other appointment, change, or alteration of Surgeon, till I am now informed of it.


August 10, 1775.