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The Commissary


In Committee of Safety, March 15, 1776.

Present: James Biddle, Chairman, John Cadwallader, George Clymer, Daniel Roberdeau, Robert White, John Nixon, Samuel Morris, Jun˙, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Samuel Howell, James Mease, Alexander Wilcocks.

Mr˙ Thomas Holland having resigned his appointment in the Fourth Battalion of Pennsylvania Troops, in the service of the United Colonies,

Resolved, That Michael Ryan be appointed Adjutant to the Fourth Battalion, in the place of the said Holland.

Resolved, That the Commissary be directed to deliver to Captains Richards, Falconer, and Reed, the Committee appointed by this Board for fixing Signals, such Guns, Ammunition, and Implements, as they shall require for that service.

By order of the Board an Order was drawn on John Nixon and others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of John Cobourn, for one hundred and fifty Pounds, he being employed in sinking the Chevaux-de-Frise.

By order of the Board an Order was drawn on John Nixon, Esq˙, and others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Captain John Rice, for one hundred and fifty Pounds, he being employed in sinking the Chevaux-de-Frise.

Resolved, That Captain Reed be employed to take the Chevaux-de-Frise, when launched, at Gloucester, and sink them in their proper places, near Fort-Island; and that he be authorized to procure anything for the purpose, hire persons under him on the best and cheapest terms, and that he draw on this Board for the expense.

Resolved, That Captain Thomas Proctor, of the Artillery, be allowed twenty-three and two-thirds Dollars per month.

By order of the Board John M˙ Nesbitt, Esq˙, was directed to settle with Captain Proctor, and pay him twenty-six and two-thirds Dollars per month, for his own pay, from the date of his commission to the 1st instant; and, also, two months' pay of two Sergeants at ten Dollars, two Corporals at nine Dollars, and twenty-three Privates at six Dollars, per month, from the 1st of January to the 29th of February, inclusive.

Upon application of Colonel Shea, for some Fire-locks for the use of the Troops under his command, for mounting the necessary Guard of this City, by order of the Board Robert Towers was directed to deliver Colonel Shea twenty-four Fire-locks for the said purpose, taking his receipt for the same, to be returned in good order on demand.


Upon application of James Chapman and John Vandegrift, of Bucks County, for the payment of Arms, &c˙, to be furnished that County for the use of the Province, by order of the Board an Order was drawn on Michael Hillegas, Esq˙, Treasurer, in favour of said Vandegrift, one of the Assessors, for five hundred Pounds.

Resolved, That the Commodore require every Captain of the Armed Boats immediately to furnish this Board with the Indents which they lately produced to Mr˙ Nixon and Captain White, and for that purpose send down to the Captains at Liberty-Island.

Colonel Shea this day reported to the Board that Captain Melchior declined accepting of the commission of Captain, lately granted to him, in the Third Pennsylvania Battalion.

Adjourned to six o' clock.

Agreeable to adjournment the following Members met: James Biddle, Chairman, Samuel Howell, Alexander Wilcocks, Owen Biddle, John Cadwallader, Daniel Roberdeau, Samuel Morris, Jun.

Upon application made to this Board, by the Colonels of the several Battalions of this City, for the use of the Arms and Accoutrements now in the possession of the Commissary,

Resolved, That the Commissary distribute two hundred and fifteen Provincial Arms, now under his care, and a like number of Cartridge-boxes and Bayonet-belts, equally between the four Battalions in this City, taking receipts of their several Colonels for the same; and the Colonels are requested to deliver them to their several Captains, for the use of their several Companies; which Arms and Accoutrements are to be returned to the Captains, and kept in a proper place, immediately after they are discharged from duty, that they may be always ready to be delivered to the order of this Board.