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Committee to Consider the Expediency of Establishing a Number of Small Armed Vessels


The Committee appointed to confer with the Committee of Safety on the subject of their Resolve relative to a re-enforcement of the Army, reported as follows:

The Committee appointed to consider a Resolve of the Committee of Safety of the second instant relative to a re-enforcement of the Massachusetts Army, have attended that service; and having, agreeable to the order of Congress, conferred with the Committee of Safety and General Officers upon the subject-matter of the Resolve, beg leave, upon mature deliberation, to report, that it appears to the Committee inexpedient and unnecessary for this Colony to augment at present the Forces already voted by it to be established for the defence of this and the other American Colonies. Whereupon,

Resolved, That to-morrow, nine o' clock, be assigned for the consideration of the said Report: and that the Committee


of Safety, the Committee of Supplies, and the several Committees of this Congress, be notified of this assignment, and be desired to attend at that time, if they can with conveniency.