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Portsmouth (New-Hampshire) Association



We, the subscribers, considering the disorderly state of the times, and being deeply impressed with a sense of the inestimable value of constitutional liberty, think ourselves under an absolute necessity of associating together for the support of the wholesome laws of the land, and also for the preservation and protection of our persons and properties, which we find, at least as to many, have been threatened of late, and we do therefore solemnly engage to and with each other:—

1st. "That we will maintain the laws of the land to the utmost of our power.

2d. That we will also defend and protect each other from mobs, riots, or any other unlawful attack whatsoever, and upon the first notice of any attempt upon either of the subscribers, each and every one of us will immediately repair to the person attacked, and him defend to the last extremity.

January 17, 1775.