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The Moderator, or Mr. Johnston

Friday, April 7th, 1775.

The Convention met according to adjournment.

Resolved, That the Moderator of this Convention, and in case of his death, Mr˙ Samuel Johnston, be empowered on any future occasion, that may in his opinion require it, to direct Delegates to be chosen for the respective Counties and Towns in this Province, to meet in Convention in the Town of Hillsborough, at such time as he shall think proper to appoint; and in case that the Members of a majority of the Counties and Towns do not appear at the day appointed, that he be empowered to adjourn the Convention de die in diem, until a sufficient number shall appear.

Resolved, That the Clerk furnish Mr˙ James Davis with a copy of the Proceedings of this Convention, and that Mr˙ Davis print the same.

Resolved, That this Convention do most heartily approve of the conduct and Proceedings of the late Continental Congress, and will endeavour to carry into execution the measures by them recommended; and that the most earnest wishes and desires of this Convention are, to see harmony restored between Great Britain and her Colonies on honourable and constitutional principles, which alone can give the same a lasting foundation. That we will exert our utmost endeavours towards, completing this important purpose, and are of opinion that the late commercial regulations are the most eligible means for attaining this desirable end.

And whereas the freedom, happiness, and prosperity of every State greatly depends on providing within itself articles necessary for subsistence, clothing, and defence of its inhabitants:

Resolved, That from common prudence and regard for this Colony, we will encourage Arts, Manufactures, Agriculture, and every kind of economy, and use our influence for the same purpose with our constituents and all connected with us; and we recommend to the Committees of the several Counties to propose Premiums to the inhabitants whose industry may be a proper subject for their bounty, in such manner as to them shall seem meet.

Resolved, That His Majesty' s subjects have an undoubted right at any time to meet and petition the Throne for a redress of grievances, and that such right includes a further right of appointing Delegates for such purpose, and therefore that the Governour' s Proclamation issued to forbid this meeting, and his Proclamation afterwards commanding this meeting to disperse, are illegal, and an infringement of our just rights, and therefore ought to be disregarded as wanton and arbitrary exertions of power.

Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention be given to the Honourable John Harvey, Esquire, Moderator, for his judicious and faithful exercise of that office, and the services he has thereby rendered to his Country.

Resolved, That the Honourable John Harvey, Esquire, Moderator of this Convention, sign the Minutes for and in behalf of the same. Attested by

JOHN HARVEY, Moderator.