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August 15th


Tuesday, August 15,1775,

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present —

Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Robert Morris, Andrew Allen, Anthony Wayne, George Gray, Robert White, Daniel Roberdeau, Owen Biddle:

Upon application of Messrs˙ Mead & Co˙, who produced a Letter from the Purser of the Nautilus for the supplying him with Soap, Candles, and Port Wine, for the use of said Ship, it was allowed that they might supply them with the following quantities, viz : one hogshead Port Wine, four hundred weight Candles, and one hundred weight Soap.

Mr˙ Owen Biddle produced an Order from the City Committee, signed by George Clymer, for the Lead and Flints they have in their possession; which Order was delivered to the Commissary, with directions to make a Return to this Board of the quantity of each article he should receive.

Captain Willing and Captain Wharton offered their services to this Board, to attend Major French, Ensign Rotton,


and Volunteer McDermott, to the Camp of General Washington, on condition of their expenses being paid; which offer was accepted of.