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Providence (Rhode Island) Committee



At a Town Meeting held at Providence, Rhode-Island, on the 17th day of December, A˙ D˙ 1774, by adjournment and warrant,

NICHOLAS BROWN, Esquire, Moderator:

Voted, That the following persons, to wit: Wm˙ Earle, Nicholas Cooke, Esquire, Benjamin Man, Zephaniah Andrews, Arthur Turner, Junior, Ambrose Page, Nicholas Power, George Corlis, Paul Allen, David Lawrence, Joseph Russell, Job Sweeting, Jos˙ Bucklin, Jonathan Arnold, Barnard Eddy, Aaron Mason, Joseph Brown, Nathaniel Wheaton, together with the present Committee of Correspondence of this Town, be and are hereby appointed a Committee of Inspection to see that the Association entered into by the General Continental Congress be strictly adhered to by all persons within this Town, agreeable to the eleventh Article of said Association; and that any seven of them make a quorum, who are to meet monthly, to wit: on the third Wednesday of every month, at the Council Chamber, at five of the clock, P˙ M˙; and that the Town Sergeant duly attend said Committee; and that all the Proceedings of said Committee be lodged on file in the Town Clerk' s Office.