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Answer of the Governour


June 20, 1775.

The Deputation being returned, the Honourable Mr˙ Drayton reported, that they having delivered the Address


to the Governour , his Excellency was pleased to make the following Answer:

GENTLEMEN: I know of no Representatives of the people of this Province, except those constitutionally convened in General Assembly, and am incompetent to judge of the disputes which at present unhappily subsist between Great Britain and the American Colonies.

It is impossible, during the short interval since my arrival, that I should have acquired such a knowledge of the state of the Province as to be at present able to make any representation thereupon to His Majesty; but you may be assured, that no representations shall ever be made by me but what shall be consistent with truth, and with an earnest endeavour to promote the real happiness and prosperity of the Province.


June 21, 1775.