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Names and descriptions of Tortes who broke goal at Frederick-Town on the night of the 23rd of September



Aaron Verdue, an Englishman, about six feet high, a very strong, well-made man, ruddy complexion, chestnut brown curled hair; had on an old brown broadcloth coat and jacket, a pair of leather breeches, stockings, shoes, and an old hat.

Alexander McCraw, a Scotchman, a well-made man, about five feet nine inches high; had on a coarse hunting-shirt and leather breeches, a pair of striped trowsers, and a pair blue stockings, yarn, a pair of shoes and Scotch bonnet.

Kennith Stewart, a Scotchman, well-made, about five feet nine inches high; wears a long hunting-shirt with pockets in the sides of it, a pair of leather breeches, white stockings, a brown surtout coat and Scotch bonnet; pretends to have some knowledge in physick.

Robertson York, a Pennsylvanian, about five feet seven or eight inches high, slender-made man, red hair, curled on his neck, remarkable large lips, and bad teeth; is a very chattering fellow; had on a short brown coat, mixed coloured cloth jacket, and leather breeches, shoes and stockings.

Robert Turner, an Englishman, about five feet eleven inches high, well-made, strong man, short brown hair; had on a light-coloured surtout coat, made in the Quaker manner, a country cloth close brown coat, blue cloth jacket, pieced in the back with pale blue cloth, a pair of grey cloth and a pair of fustian breeches, several pairs of ribbed yarn stockings, shoes, and hat.

Thomas Branford, an Englishman, about five feet six inches high, a slim made man, and very pale countenance, short black hair; an old grey cloth coat, striped cotton jacket, leather breeches, worsted stockings, shoes and hat.

Stephen Lysney, a Pennsylvanian, five feet five inches high; a well-proportioned man, has a dimple in his chin, short, dark brown hair; a hunting-shirt, a brown shalloon jacket, leather breeches, and a pair of trowsers, stockings, shoes, and a large hat.

Whoever takes up and secures the above persons, so that they may be brought back to their place of confinement, shall have at the. rate of eight dollars for each, or fifty-six dollars for all of them. Per order.