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Letter from the Committee for Cumberland County


MAY IT PLEASE YOUR HONOUR: We, the Committee of Safety for this County, have proceeded in the election of Deputies, pursuant to the resolves of the honourable Congress for the Colony of New-York, of October 18, 1775: And this certifies, that Major William Williams and Doctor Paul Spooner, are chosen by this County, to represent the people thereof, in the honourable Provincial Congress, at the city of New-York. Also, we, the Committee of Safety for this County, have resumed to nominate Colonel James Rogers to be the Brigadier for Cumberland, Gloucester, and Charlotte Brigade.

Moreover, according to the directions of the honourable Provincial Congress of New-York, (as are transmitted to us,) per our Delegate, Major Williams, we have recommended that the following gentlemen, belonging to this County, be speedily commisioned by said Congress, viz: Lower Regiment in the County: Major William Williams, first Colonel; Major Jonathan Hunt, second Colonel; Lieutenant John Norton, first Major; Oliver Lovell, second Major; Arad Hunt, Adjutant; and Samuel Fletcher, Quartermaster.

Upper Regiment: Captain Joseph Marsh, first Colonel; Capt˙ John Barrett, second Colonel; Lieutenant Hilkiah Grout, first Major; Captain Joel Matthews, second Major; Timothy Spencer, Adjutant; Amos Robinson, Quartermaster.

Regiment of Minute-Men: Captain Job Housington, first Colonel; Seth Smith, second Colonel; Joseph Tyler, first Major; Joel Marsh, second Major; Timothy Phelps, Adjutant; Elisha Hawley, Quartermaster.

The honourable Provincial Congress complying with our request, as speedily as possible, will much oblige your most obedient, humble servant. Signed by order of the Committee of Safety:


To the Honourable the President of the Provincial Congress at the City of New-York.