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Letter from Edward Mutt to Governour Trumbull



February 13, 1776.

HONOURED SIR: The method that General Schuyler hath paid the northern troops off by is (counting the number of days they have been in the service, and then to count every thirty days for a month, which makes better than twenty pounds, lawful money, wages,) more to each company than the rolls made up by our Pay-Table; and, likewise, the billet-rolls he allows one dollar per week, which is one hundred dollars more to each company than is recovered by the rolls sent up from our Pay-Table; and, also, the money advanced to deserters, hath not been properly stated on the rolls that hath been sent up from said Pay-Table; all which makes about sixty pounds, lawful money, loss, to each company from this Colony, which is allowed to the troops from the other Colonies of the Northern Army; all which might be allowed, if properly applied for. Even on the rolls that have been settled, I dare say the General would allow the balance, if some proper person should be sent to represent the case and request the balance.

The whole of the difference, in the manner of making up the rolls, will, in my opinion, make two thousand pounds difference to this Colony.

The expense my subalterns were at when sent down with the sick, and the money stopped on account of what I received more than the Pay-Table mean to allow, I hope your Honour will not forget.

I am your Honour' s most obedient and humble servant,


To Governour Trumbull.