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Compensation to the Delegates to the Congress,


Thursday, March 16, 1775.

The Committee appointed to consider of an allowance to be made to the gentlemen who attended the late Congress at Philadelphia, on behalf of this Government, for their expenses during the sitting thereof, now report on the House that they have considered the same, and are of opinion that the sum of Sixty Pounds be allowed to each of the said gentlemen, for their expenses on that service.

Resolved, nemine contradicente, That the House do approve of the same, and that Orders be drawn by the Speaker on the Trustees of the several Loan-Offices of this Government for the same, according to the directions of the Proportion Act.

On motion,

Resolved, nemine contradicente, That the Honourable Caesar Rodney, Speaker, Thomas McKean, and George Read, Esquires, be and they are hereby appointed and authorized to represent this Government at the American Congress, proposed to be held at the City of Philadelphia, on the tenth day of May next, or at any other time and place, with full power to them or any two of them, together with the Delegates from the other American Colonies, to concert and agree upon such further measures as shall appear to them best calculated for the accommodation of the unhappy differences between Great Britain and the Colonies, on a Constitutional foundation, which the House most ardently wish for, and that they report their proceedings to this House at their next meeting.