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South-Carolina Council of Safety



Charlestown, Saturday, July 23, 1775.

Present: Colonel Henry Laurens, President; Mr˙ Ferguson, Mr˙ Middleton, Honourable Mr˙ Lowndes, Honourable Mr˙ Drayton, Colonel Pinckney, Mr˙ Brewton, Mr˙ Bee, Captain Benjamin Elliot, Mr˙ Heyward, Col˙ Parsons.

On motion, Resolved, That the Hon˙ William Henry Drayton, and the Reverend William Tennent, be the two gentlemen to make a progress into the back country, to explain to the People the causes of the present disputes between Great Britain and the American Colonies.

Resolved, That the following commissions and powers, be given to the Honourable William Henry Drayton and Reverend William Tennent:


In the Council of Safety, July 23, 1775.

The Council of Safety, elected and chosen by the Provincial Congress, begun to be holden the first day of June last, by these presents testify, that they have nominated, appointed, and commissioned the Honourable William Henry Drayton, and the Reverend William Tennent, to go into the interiour parts of this Colony, at the publick expense; there to explain to the people at large the nature of the unhappy publick disputes between Great Britain and the American Colonies; to endeavour to settle all political disputes between the people; to quiet their minds, and to enforce the necessity of a general union, in order to preserve themselves and their children from slavery. And that the said William Henry Drayton, and William Tennent may proceed in this business with safety and advantage to the publick, all the friends of the liberties of America are hereby requested to afford them every necessary aid, assistance, and protection. By order of the Council of Safety: