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Remonstrance of certain Inhabitants of Putney, in Cumberland County


A Paper, signed by the inhabitants of the Township of Putney, in Cumberland County, dated the 6th of December instant, stating objections against the gentlemen named


and recommended by the County Committee for Field-Officers of the Militia of that County.

PUTNEY, December 6, 1775, — SIR: We, the inhabitants of Putney, beg leave to signify to you, that the proceedings of the late County Convention, first the Congress, secondly as a Committee of Safety for the County, sir, we humbly conceive, have discovered such a spirit of ignorance or tyranny, that we are apprehensive that our liberties, which we are contending for, are in danger, and like to he wrung out of our hands by nine or ten arbitrary men, who seem to be engaged in counteracting these our Resolves, in irritating the minds of the people with their inconsistent and impolitick proceedings, discovering that they are set upon making such a choice as will be disagreeable to the body of the people; and in particular in the last choice, in choosing men that could by no means be recommended by the body of the people; and, particularly, some whom large objections were made against; and good evidence could be procured against them, that they ever have discovered an inimical spirit to the liberties of America-now, all this doth sufficiently prove, that our liberties are, or near, at an end, unless we exert ourselves for our defence. We, therefore, pray that the sense of the people maybe had before the choice of Field-Officers go to New-York; for why should we be deprived of our rights, and have men imposed upon us that we have reason to fear are not friends, and to have in the County concerned, a multiplicity of inconsistent Resolves, which they themselves have made void; and have never had the goodness to consult their constituents, for the peace of the County. Now, sir, this we esteem as an infringement on our rights, and are determined never to submit to tyranny, for which our country now bleeds. We pray, therefore, that you would not make return of this choice, if you have regard for the peace of the County. We must let you know, that if this plan stands good, we will join with our brethren, and send our Protest to New-York.

We trust you will exert yourself to heal this breach; and, putting confidence in your goodness, we, with esteem, subscribe ourselves your humble servants,

John French,
Cyrus Helighton,
James B˙ Winandt,
Elisha Eyers,
Amos Hail,
John McWain,
Jonathan Hughton,
Rufus More,
Ebenezer Perce,
Aaron Eilee,
Cyrus Witcomb, Jr˙,
James Hail,
Grandol Kennoled,
Simon Smeed,
Jonathan Lockling,
Mical Law,
Elpha Hubard,
Abijah More,
John Perry,
Joseph Guther,
Caleb Greene,
Jonas More,
Benjamin Huckens,
Daniel Gates,
Philip Alexander,
Giddon Bagger,
Daniel Jewet,
Abijah Whitney,
Solomon Perry,
Moses Perry,
Cyrus Witcomb.

To Colonel Williams, of Dryer, and Mr˙ Paul Spooner, to be communicated to the honourable Provincial Congress at the City of New-York.