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The Contractor


The time of the present Contractor for supplying the men on board the Armed Boats with Provisions being nearly expired,

Ordered, That the following Advertisement be published in the papers of this City:

"In Committee of Safety.

All persons who are willing to supply the officers and men employed in the Naval Armament and Artillery of this Province, with the following Rations, viz: for each man per week, seven pounds of bread, or six pounds of flour, one-fourth at least to be in flour, if required; ten pounds of beef, mutton, or pork; the value of six pence in roots and vegetables; a sufficient proportion of salt and vinegar; three pints and a half of rum, or beer in proportion; are desired to send in their proposals to this Committee, on or before the 8th day of March, instant. The contract to commence on the 11th instant, and continue in force for three months, if the men are not sooner discharged."